Sunday, 19 May 2013


So this weekend the Eurovision Song Final was on. Sadly, I missed watching it live, so caught up thanks to modern technology. I love love love Eurovision. As a non-Euro native myself, I think it's awesome to compete nationally with cheesy pop songs. I can only dream of a world-wide-vision song contest one day...

Anyway, I thought I'd share my thoughts on some of the songs this year. They are of course only my opinions, and I'd love to hear what you think too! Did you watch this year?

In catching-up I have to say I didn't watch the entire show. So I missed out on the little snipets from Sweden between acts. These are usually pretty entertaining and I'm gutted I missed out on these. But catching up also meant I missed out on whatever hilarious voice over comments they aired in the UK. I don't even know if it was Graham Norton again this year, but as long as it wasn't Terry Wogan, I'd be fine with it. I know that most people loved Terry's commentary, but I found it kind of insulting and rude. Yeah, I know it's just a laugh, but I kinda would rather hear the songs and save the commentary for after the song. Just me, maybe :P

If you missed out on the songs, you can catch-up quickly with all the songs here on YouTube.

First the ones worth commenting on, then the pretty good (all lumped together), and then the wtf category.
(In alphabetical order)
Oh, nice one. Not a winner I think, but I'd listen to this.
Really kinda weird, but I strangely like it. Not sure why, but it kinda gives me a Bollywood vibe... think it might be the pitch of the woman's voice.
This one won this year, and I think it was a pretty good song. I really like it, but I don't think I'm in love with it or anything. Congrats!
OMG, this is hilarious! I loved this. Shame it didn't do better.
Cascada! Woo hoo! I love her... erm or I used to. This kinda sounds like every other song she's done. Not surprised this didn't do so well.
Amazing! Upbeat and fun sounding. Not sure about the only English I heard 'Alcohol is free' (also the song title), but hey!
This actually placed last! Dead last! Talk about playing favourites, guys. I liked this a lot. I'd dance to this in a club.
This didn't even make it to the finals, it looks like. I thought it was awesome! A weird mix of rap and pop power. Respect for trying something very different.
Dina Garipova was such an improvement on last year's Babushki group. I know they were kooky, but I just couldn't get behind it.
I shouldn't admit to liking this, but I honestly do. >_<
Another great dance song. Would love to hear this in a club.
Ah, I wanted to hate this song, but I can't. I love it. Amazing. (I wanted to hate it because Spain and I have issues with each other :P)
The Netherlands
I'm not sure how I feel. I wanted to love this, but I just thought it was okay.
Loved this. Another great dance song. Not really a surprise tho, I expect to see a babe singing a pop song for Ukraine.
Other entries that I liked, but have nothing especially to say: Austria, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, and Norway. 
And lastly, a couple of WTF's go out to:
FYROM (Macedonia)
Conflicted on this one... maybe a WTF is too harsh. Just ... well weird.
What?!? O_o
United Kingdom
Bonnie Tyler? Sorry, but who? Don't think you're really trying. I mean, last year's bombing with Engelbert Humperdinck wasn't enough? Who thought it'd be a good idea to drag these old celebs out of the closet. By 'old celebs' I mean people no one under 30 has heard of and most people over 30 are embarrassed to admit they know who they are. Serious cringe. >_<
Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Did you watch? What did you think?

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