Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Feeling the sunshine with Lunasol's Summer 2013 release

Lunasol have a summer release out from the 17th May just in time for summer with some bright and lovely limited editions.

Eyeshadow (Vivid Clear Eyes ヴィヴィッドクリアアイズ)

Two limited edition eyeshadow quad palettes: EX01 Bronze Brown Collection and EX02 Colorful Collection.

Lipgloss (Full Glamour Gloss  フルグラマーグロスa)

New gloss colours includes 3 regular additions: 01 Shining Pink, 02 Soft Pink, and 03 Soft Coral and two limited editions: EX01 Shiny Beige and EX02 Shiny Pink.

Blush (Modelling Cheeks モデリングチークス)

A limited edition EX05 Coral Beige blusher.

Nail polish (Nail Finish N ネイルフィニッシュN)

Two limited edition sparkle nail polishes in EX14 Shining Orange and EX15 Shining Silver.

Base or Primer (Control base コントロールベース)

A limited edition base or primer perfect for summer in EX01 Light


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