Monday, 29 April 2013


Sorry, bit of a personal post today.

It's been frustrating lately. Frustrating at work, frustrating in the love life, and worst of all, frustrating with the blog.

Okay, not really the blog, but been having some serious internet connection issues. Literally every time I sat down to work on the blog this weekend my internet cut out.

WHY? Oh, why do you do this to me internet gods?

Yeah, it wasn't really the internet gods, but BT. And here begins my small rant about BT. For those of my non-UK readers, BT is short for British Tele... erm, phone? Tele-com? Not sure actually. I think it's British Telephone, but they have rebranded themselves so you can't see anything but BT all over their website. Anyway, they basically have a monoply in the UK on installing telephone lines. So if you move into a new house, you gotta get BT to hook up your phone line. Oh yes, there are other telephone companies out there, but *none* of them can do you the honour of installing a telephone line. Don't even get me started on how long it takes them to get around to installing one! (I waited 3 months for a landline and internet when I moved into a new build. Seriously.)

Once you have a telephone line, however, you can ditch BT and switch to another company, but of course, many of us are lazy and don't switch. There are some reasons not to switch. For example, if you rent, you can get hit with charges when you move out to have the next tenant 'switch back' to BT to 'connect' their phone line ¬_¬  Honestly, that is a rant for another day. I'm ranting about BT as an ISP today.

A shot from BT ads

They have these series of adverts highlighting how wonderful BT broadband is. Oh, lovely. You can check them out on YouTube here. Every time I see one of this a vein in my forehead starts to bulge (slight poetic license here) and I want to scream at the telly or computer screen 'WHAT? no, it's all lies!' No restrictions on speed? You are one of the worst offenders of traffic shaping I've seen! Ah, but to no avail.

Well, I spent far too much of my weekend thinking about BT, which is decidedly not-beautiful ¬_¬ Everytime I get so frustrated with them, I swear I'm switching to Sky, maybe one day soon I'll follow up on that threat, for now, I've at least managed to get this post out to you all. You can look forward to the usual beauty blogging from now on!

Do you have issues with your ISP that drive you nuts? And if you have BT, my condolences, I know I am not alone in my grievances.

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