Friday, 13 April 2012

Lord Poppington Popcorn Heaven for Popcorn Fiends

I am a self-confessed popcorn fiend. I cannot get enough of the stuff. So when Lord Poppington offered to send me some of their products to try, I obviously said yes.

Okay, so maybe I'm stretching it posting about popcorn on a beauty blog, enh, but.. but..  yeah well I talk about food all the time. Besides, popcorn is a light snack that makes me happy, and happiness equals beauty, right? Right?

Lord Poppington was kind enough to send me adequate samples of four current flavours in their range: lightly sea-salted, sweet and salty, chili and lime, and four cheeses.

First a review of the popcorn itself, then on to the flavours!

Lord Poppington refers to this type of popcorn as mushroom popcorn, meaning it pops in big round mushroom like shapes. Yum. I heartily approve. This is quality popcorn, no doubt about it! 

Lightly sea-salted 

My favourite flavour of popcorn is usually the salted variety, so I had big expectations for lightly sea-salted. As I've already said, the popcorn is amazing, but I found lightly sea-salted a bit too 'light'. I'm a salt fiend as well as a popcorn fiend. Delish, but I'd prefer more salty.

Sweet and salty

I'm not a fan of sweet, so sweet and salty didn't appeal to me much, but I did try this. It was nice. It also was a hit with workmates (both at work and in the pub). If you like sweet and salty, this could be your flavour. It was my least favourite for obvious reasons.

Chili and lime

Chili and lime was the most popular of the four flavours amongst friends and workmates. I even ended up loving this, even though I was a bit skeptical at first. I'm not really that into spicy food, and while this does have a bit of kick, these are so tasty it's hard to stop.

Four cheeses

'Just like the pizza'. I loved these. The others said it was okay, but obviously their favs were the chili and lime and the sweet and salty. Again quite rich, so it's hard to eat too many. (Unlike plain or the lightly sea-salted, I can just pack that stuff away!) I didn't think I'd like these as I thought they might taste like cheesy crisps or cheetos, but thankfully they tasted much much better.

So my overall review is that Lord Poppington is worth checking out. I haven't actually seen Lord Poppington's for sale in my local supermarket, but I would definitely purchase it. Certainly next time I have a film night with friends at home, I know that if I pop open a bag of chili and lime everyone will be pleased.

Are you a popcorn fiend too? Are you a salt or sweet fan? ^.^


  1. DUDE!!! You made me want popcorn for breakfast now!! I want to try the chili and lime. That sounds kinda goooood :)

    1. It is really yum! You should - it's Friday! What would Lord Poppington do?

  2. Lord Poppington. Cool name. I love a good bowl of popcorn! As far as I'm concerned, popcorn can only be done two ways; salted or done candy style, like toffee popcorn.

    Ali x


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