Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What Would Blair Wear? Vera Wang looks lovely on Ivy in Gossip Girl

Most mornings as I get dressed for the day and stare into my closets (yes, plural...try not to hate me!) and ponder which clothes to wear that day, I ask myself 'What would Blair wear?'

Of course, I'm referring to Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. I've made it no secret that she is my style icon. I would say she should be yours too, but we don't all need to look the same. :P

But at the moment, I'm confused. I just watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl (this hasn't aired yet in the UK, so I'll try to keep it spoiler free!) and I fell in love with a gorgeous dress. Now usually, it's Blair that's wearing what I love... but tonight, it was Ivy Dickens!

OMG. I love this dress so. much. For some reason, in my head it's a Blair Waldorf dress. Am I really imagining it? Blair didn't wear this at some point?

Oh well, either way. Wow, way to go Ivy! You look stunning and I totally want to wear your dress.

It's not really Ivy's dress, it's by Vera Wang and you can get it at Neiman Marcus for a cool $495 USD. Bargain, right?  I really shouldn't spend this much on a dress that I don't need. But I might cry if they sell out in my size!

Although Ivy rocked this dress, I was disappointed not to see Blair in something more killer. Instead she was running around with Lonely Boy. Ew. What's up with that? Isn't that storyline dead yet? Come back to us, Blair! You're missed on the Upper East Side!

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